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Jesus’ Prophesy,
has been Fulfilled in your days.

download by clicking on this link;    11-4-2017   55 meg
by finding the hidden formats. “they” reveal the TRUTH &
the correct order of everything, from our beginning and Jesus.
there are 550 pages, 80+ maps & a Kings timeline in the pdf

revealing YV’S (YHVH’S) HIDDEN FORMATS in your bible

“these formats are repeatable”

i michael eashoo, as Scribe and Prophet declare;

YV MADE me see HIM
and HE MADE me HIS WITNESS and Jesus’ Witness.

copyrights © michael eashoo, 2017           no email address

   these are the pdfs to reveal the Hidden Formats >>>all zip 56meg>>>

  as of 10-2017 I am rechecking my editing. Which means it will be awhile before I release all the pdfs that go with revealing our CREATOR’S HIDDEN FORMATS.

  i started when i found in psalms 78: verses 15 & 20 were out of order.
  what i found by re editing the text was a format that removed hebrew words found in the hebrew manuscript. yet the text was easier to read and understand.
  the more psalms i did. the more i found other formats that removed hebrew text.

  when i received copyrights to the old testament from the library of congress. many scrolls did not have formats. so i did not include them BECAUSE they had no words about our CREATOR’S EVERLASTING COVENANT and stories of our CREATOR’S NATION ISRAEL.

  take a look at these images to see what I had done to find psa 78 hidden format.

    everything will be explained in my videos on my youtube channel.       >>>link>>>
  this is done because ‘yt’ resizes the videos to your screen resolution.
  this might take 20+ months to complete because there is a lot to explain. starting with how our CREATOR MADE me see HIM and how i became HIS WITNESS Jesus Exists.

  one of the first videos will explain how males can witness for themselves life exists after death, witness they have a soul and visit the abyss. but most of all males from around the world will say our CREATOR MADE me see HIM.
  if any male says i am lying. that idiot did not do what i told them to do in that video.

   Link to items that go with the videos being posted on youtube.